Heating/Air Conditioning

At ABC Plumbing, Heating, Electrical we understand what service means. We will not book your service call two weeks down the road. Most of the time we can fit your service call within the same day or the following day. We understand emergency service calls and how important it is to be on site so your home sustains as little damage possible from any heat outages, air conditioner problems or whatever emergency you might have.

We have many service vehicles that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice. We also provide one of the only reliable 24-hour emergency service services in the City of Ottawa and surrounding region. From the time of your call, we will return your call within 1/2 an hour and will most likely be on site within 1 hour. All of our technicians are equipped with cellular phones and can be contacted with any question you might have also. Call today to experience a company that will put your interests first and provide you with a service that you can rely on for years to come.
Residential/New Home Construction

We have extensive experience in the residential heating market. We have worked for dozens of small and large homebuilders as well as the private homeowner. We will recommend several different systems that could suit your project. There is the conventional forced air system or we can do a radiant floor system. The industry is moving towards the radiant floor heating system rapidly and more and more people are becoming interested in this form of heating. We would be glad to sit down with you and your set of blueprints.

We specialize in what we call “the package”. This would include the plumbing, heating, electrical and excavation, septic/sewer portion of the house. This eliminates enormous work on the home builders part as they are only dealing with one person for the mechanical aspect of their home. We can coordinate all the mechanical right from our office with all the appropriate trades to ensure the most efficient system installed in the best possible way. We will offer a discount for anyone who gives us “the package”. Call today to see what we can do for your next project.
Commercial Construction

We have much experience in the commercial boiler system market. We have designed and installed many boiler systems. We have also changed many buildings over to boiler systems and radiators.

We also have extensive experience in radiant floor heat market. We have installed several large commercial radiant floor systems that have been in service for many years and that operate in a very efficient way. We can design and install any radiant system required.